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18 November 2009 @ 01:16 am

We URGENTLY Request The Spiritual Temp Agency to Provide a Project Team Manager to be our COMMANDER IN CHIEF of our NESARA ACTION FORCE for our ... PROJECT NESARA ... Which is to IMMEDIATELY ENACT, ANNOUNCE & IMPLEMENT ALL of the Terms & Conditions of the Original & True NESARA Law ... The National Economic Security And Reformation Act! This will RE-Establish The Constitution for these united States of America ••. And Common Law! This will bring us FREEDOM, PEACE & PROSPERITY!! This is for the Highest And Greatest GOOD for All Concerned! To emphasize the Extreme Urgency of this Request We Cite:

FACT: We have in the past years Named The Project Manager & Commander In Chief along with these Teams: Military, Legal, Communications, Election And Financial ... AII in the Effort to get The Original & True NESARA LAW to Be Enacted, Announced & Implemented! .•. NOW!

FACT: The NESARA Decision Team has All the Help in the World! •.• And also Out of this World ... The White Knights, Ascended Masters, Angels, Eagles, White Brotherhood, White Sisterhood, The Commander & Teams! .•• And The Galactic Federation is Straining at the bit to Provide all the Help We Need to get The Announcement of NESARA!

FACT: The DARK SIDE, The Illuminati, The Banksters & EVIL still Prevail! Federal Debt is Soaring! •.• More in the First 100 days of the New President than in over 200 years before! Lay Offs continue ... Business Failings Soar! Unemployment sky rockets! People are losing their Homes by the Thousands •. Collapse & Disaster Everywhere!! We Need HELP! WE NEED NESARA!!

FACT: WE NOW Desperately Need More HELP! •.. And HIGHER HELP!! .•. To Get Our NESARA Decision Team To ACT in a POSITIVE & DECISIVE MANNER!! ..•..•

So We NOW ASK ••• We Implore ... WE DEMAND Action NOW!! .•. WE DEMAND that ALL GOOD ANGELS be mobilized to bring FORCE in Our Behalf to get NESARA Announced NOW! •..•• We Need 10,000 Angels! ..• Yea 10,000 Times !O,OOO Angels ..• Times 10,000 again and again •... To IMMEDIATELy Take Control and bring us NESARA for all the Good People of Our World! ..• And BANISH All the Dark Side, All Pollution and EVIL from Mother Earth!!

CONCLUSION: We Thank You for This Millions Strong ANGEL FORCE And The NESARA ACTION FORCE •..... We know They Can & Are ACTING NOW!! ...• And WE NOW Have NESARA! .•.••• With: FREEDOM ..• PEACE •.. PROSPERITY!!! Thank You!! ....... ALL GLORY TO GOD!!!

First of all, I would recommend the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) website, especially its radio news and information programmes.
The CBC is a national, government-owned broadcasting system (similar to the BBC in the UK), which operates two Canada-wide television networks (one in English, one in French), and five radio networks: two in English (CBC Radio One and Radio Two), two in French and Radio Canada International, which broadcasts on short-wave in a variety of languages.

The first of these four radio networks can be accessed live on the Internet from anywhere in the world. The English live broadcasts can be found at:
CBC Radio One's programmes are localised according to the time zone, so if you miss a programme from Ottawa (let's say) at noon Eastern Time, you can pick it up an hour later (noon Central Time) in Winnipeg, or even 3 hours later (noon Pacific Time) from the Vancouver link.
CBC Radio Two's programmes (mostly classical music and jazz) are the same all across the country -- they are accessible on the Internet only during their live broadcast in Eastern Time.

CBC's French networks can be accessed at:

Many programmes are available by podcast (subscribable through the site or through I-tunes), and are also broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 137. Or see the 'Archives' or 'Past shows' sections of the respective programme pages.

Now to some specific sites that might be of particular interest to your Lightworker Family:


CBC - IDEAS (Radio One, Monday--Friday evenings 9-10 p.m.)
In-depth studies of particular ideas in contemporary or historical world affairs (culture, arts, religion, science -- you name it!) The current ones on their site are most interesting: "Legends of the Kainai" (from Alberta First Nations peoples), "Sick people or sick societies" (discussing health as a social phenomenon), "How to think about science". (See 'Podcasts' there for other titles.)

CBC - TAPESTRY (Radio One, Sunday afternoons, 2-3 p.m. Eastern Time or 3-4 p.m. Pacific Time)
A weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning. Many interesting programmes in the 'Past Shows' section of this site -- e.g. "The Kama Sutra", "The American Lama", "Jesus for the non-religious".

CBC - AS IT HAPPENS (Radio One, Monday--Friday evenings beginning at 6.30 p.m. for an hour or an hour and a half)
Every evening the two hosts do telephone interviewers with major and minor newsmakers all over the world, on just about any topic you can name (political, scientific, cultural etc.). The interviews may last from 5 to 20 minutes. A part of the programme is devoted to audience feedback. This programme has been running for many, many years and is still one of the most popular on Canadian radio of all time.

CBC - THE VINYL CAFE (Radio One, Sunday afternoons, 12-1 p.m. & Tuesday nights, 11-12 p.m., also on Radio Two, Saturday mornings, 10-11 a.m.)
A mix of delightful stories (often humorous), essays (mostly by host Stuart McLean, a consummate story-teller and essayist) and music by contemporary Canadian artists. I do recommend subscribing to their podcast.



The Doukhobors are a religious group that were persecuted for their beliefs in nineteenth-century Russia, very close in their outlook on life to the ideas of Leo Tolstoy, who responded to their plight and helped them emigrate to Canada in 1899. Both Tolstoy's and the Doukhobors' faith have much in common with the Ringing Cedars Series. In conjunction with the Slavic Research Group of the University of Ottawa (where I work) and its Director, world-renowned Tolstoy expert Andrew Donskov, I happen to have done considerable research and translation regarding the Doukhobors, especially their links to Tolstoy. "Iskra" is the name of their bi-weekly magazine, some articles from which are reproduced on their Internet site.



The Molokans are a group very close in outlook to the Doukhobors, who emigrated to America about the same time the Doukhobors came to Canada. Their website also includes many items relating to the Doukhobors. Again, a similarity with the Ringing Cedars Series is evident at times.



A world-wide organisation based in Honolulu (Hawaii), dedicated to find peaceful ways of solving the world's problems. One ot its directors, Lou Ann Ha'aheo Guanson, was a special delegate to the Doukhobor Centenary Conference held at the University of Ottawa in 1999, celebrating the centenary of the Doukhobors' arrival in Canada.



This site features uplifting text and audio articles -- including weekly web-chats for anyone wishing to participate -- on a variety of topics presented by the Christian Science church (of which I happen to be a member ). As you can tell from my Afterword to Book 6 ("The Book of Kin"), I have found many of the ideas in the Ringing Cedars Series are similar to those I have learnt through my experience as a Christian Scientist (as with those I have discovered in the Doukhobor and Molokan faiths). There is a menu of several broad topics to choose from, or you can search for specific topics.

Typing 'environment' in the search-box for example, brings up a list of some 180 articles where the word is mentioned. Some of these will be more specifically related to the environment than others. Of particular interest is an archived audio-file (with transcribed text) of an 80-minute webchat (responding to listeners' questions) which aired last autumn, entitled "Prayer and the environment: spiritual solutions for a healthy planet". But there are many more items of interest under this topic.



This site offers a fascinating look at a marine preserve near Victoria on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They have a 'Video Archives' page that is worth exploring. But I especially recommend their Videocams, which includes Camera 5, a camera individual viewers can control (by turns) from their home computer, with pan and zoom features. This is fascinating!



This book was written by German-Canadian environmentalist and teacher Karl Backhaus before he learnt about the Ringing Cedars Series (of which he is now an avid reader). It describes how he set up what really amounts to his own 'domain' on several hectares of land in western Ontario (near Georgian Bay on Lake Huron) and made friends with the local wildlife. His outlook is very close to Megré's and Anastasia's. The book is listed in the catalogue of the PETA site (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). For information about PETA see:



A review by Tim Lougheed based on an interview with the Translator following the completion of the translation of the first five books. From the University of Ottawa Gazette of 9 November 2006. In the paper edition of the Gazette, the review was accompanied by an image of the front cover of Book 2.

Another review based on an interview with the Translator was published in French by Mado Sauvé in the Québec eco-magazine Le Journal Vert in the Spring of 2007. While it is not on-line, I have a pdf copy that Mme Sauvé has given me for sharing. I'd be happy to e-mail it to anyone for the asking (but note: it is in French only). Please contact me by e-mail at [jw (at symbol) kanadacha.ca] for a copy



Not all cities fit Megré's description in Chapter 13 of Book 8.1 of artificial stone mountains with hollowed-out burrows piled up one beside the other -- at least, that's far from being the whole city. I happen to love the city I live in, not the least for its many green areas that have been meticulously preserved here in the nation's capital by three levels of government (federal, provincial, municipal) and the National Capital Commission, charged with preserving a balance between technological progress and Nature. For almost its 50-kilometre length across the city, the southern banks of the Ottawa River are preserved as natural parkland for recreational use, as is much of the Rideau River that flows into it from the south. The Rideau Canal serves recreational boating in the summer and becomes an 8-kilometre-long ice-skating rink in the winter. Two good times to visit the city are the Winterlude Festival in early February, and the Tulip Festival in mid-May, thanks to the thousands of tulip bulbs the City has received over the past 50 years from the Netherlands government in gratitude for Canadian assistance in liberating that country in WW2 and for providing a safe haven for the Dutch royal family during the war. For a few weeks every May the whole city just blossoms into a multi-coloured sea of tulips. And then we have the Autumnal Colours season around our Thanksgiving holiday (the second Monday in October in Canada) in the nearby Gatineau Hills. We feel truly blessed by Nature here.



Finally, I might mention my own Russian Culture site, which features information about my translations (especially the Ringing Cedars Series) as well as about my poetry and music interests. There are sample music files linked from my "Poetry & Music" page, for example -- Russian folk songs with balalaika, along with piano improvisations (alone or accompanying spoken poetry). On my "Academic" page you will find a link to a paper entitled "Meaning and musicality: striking a balance in poetry translation", illustrated by the translation of one of Anna Akhmatova's poems. You'll find quite a few pages to explore.


These are just a few of the links I have found interesting in my Internet experience. I hope you may find it useful to share any or all of them, as you wish, with the members of your Lightworkers family.

With kind regards,

John Woodsworth
Certified Translator (Russian-English)
Research Associate, Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa
Website: http://www.kanadacha.ca
Tel. 1 (613) 824-9148
01 March 2008 @ 10:48 am
....................HIRING THE HEAVENS..................

We URGENTLY Request The SPIRITUAL TEMP AGENCY To Provide A Project Team Manager To Be Our COMMANDER IN CHIEF of our New GUIDANCE TEAM For Our Now PROJECT NESARA...As We ENACT, ANNOUNCE & IMPLEMENT THE ORIGINAL AND TRUE NESARA LAW!...And RE-Establish The Constitution For The united States of America with The First Ten Amendments And Common Law! This will bring us: FREEDOM, PEACE &PROSPERITY! This is for the Highest & Greatest Good for All concerned.

We already have The Project Manager & Commander In Chief with the TEAMS: Military, Legal, Communications, Election & Financial. ..And just recently The New Booster Force has been Named...All in the Effort to Enact, Announce & Implement THE TRUE NESARA LAW! God gave us a Free Country...And then a Constitution. But Man has usurped God's Law and turned our once glorious Nation into a nightmare of bureaucratic bungling with an almost total loss of our Freedoms! THE TRUE NESARA LAW Will Solve this Problem!

Our New GUIDANCE TEAM Will Assist the New Transition Government with the Return to The Constitution for the united States of America with the First Ten Amendments and Common Law! This is ALL that our Founding Fathers ever intended to be the Law of the Land in this Country in the first place.
First: There will be No Lawyers!...There will be No Judges!...There will be No Statuatory Laws! You will be called Only to obey Three' Laws.......Which Every One can remember: 1) Do Not harm anyone's Body. 2)Do Not Harm anyone's Property. 3) Do Not harm anyone's Liberty. This will cause a lot of Americans to find Honest Work...But in a Free Economy such as we will have and with the new Allocation of Funds there will be full employment for anyone needing or wanting a job!
The Federal Reserve Bank System will be abolished! This will eliminate the National Debt! Taxes will ONLY be Duties, Imposts & Excises for those getting government privilege in business and commerce. The IRS will be abolished! No Income Tax! No more IRS Forms to fill out! No more IRS Agents abroad in the land to plunder our substance!

All Trials will be by Jury deciding the Law And The Facts, with the Clerk of the Court seeing to it that the Jurors are properly selected. The Sheriff will be in the Court Room Only to maintain order and have No other duty. There will be No Judges or Lawyers! Any Civil or Criminal Case will be conducted as follows: A. The Plaintiff will state his case before a Jury of his Peers. He will present any supporting evidence that he wishes, with No Judge telling him what can or cannot be submitted into evidence. The Jury can ask him any questions they wish with No Lawyer to object and Mess things up! B. The Defendant will then present his side of the case in the same manner and then the Jury will have its deliberations. It will render a verdict that will be Final!...as there are No Appeals at the Common Law of the Land. This factor alone will be a strong, deterrent to criminals.

In a Free Economy, not only will there be Free employment, but Every One ... will be able to have the best of everything that money can buy, as God intended it to be...Especially with the release of our Prosperity Funds! We will have a lot more time to Enjoy and Improve ourselves! Restrictive, Monopolistic organizations, such as American Medical Association, which use force of government to protect their personal interests, will be outlawed! The Food & Drug Association will be abolished!...Their Only function is to protect the Profits of the Big Drug Companies! The Alternative methods of Healing will be Openly available to anyone who wishes to use them and diseases such as cancer, arthritis, etc. will be routinely cured instead of being turned into a major Profit Making Industry!

The prison system will be greatly reduced, and subsequently improved. It will no longer be a "growth industry" among us. It will be a felony to use or interpret a word in any other manner than is in common usage in the regular dictionaries, when it comes to passing a Law. It will be impossible to change the Constitution, and to pass any new laws would be impossible without a specific mandate from the people. Jury nullification will become part of the Jury's instructions.

With the common Law Jury system, and the strict penalties imposed with no chance for an appeal, illegal drugs will disappear from the scene. As most Americans either know or suspect, drugs are being foisted on our people as a means of softening up the next generation for the New World Order!

You may think it won't work...Well this very concept worked in England for 723 years and it would still be their way of life had not usury banking been introduced into their society. Usury banking, as we know it today, is nothing short of a terrible heinous crime!...And the IRS, a scheme to collect the usury on Federal Reserve debt instruments, is the natural, ultimate result. We will have a New Precious metals backed currency and Honest Monetary & Treasury Function. Strict Laws, against "fractional reserve" banking must be enforced in our Free Economy!

With THE TRUE NESARA LAW ... Will come the end of Suppression and the Release of advanced technology for Free Energy and other marvels that have been withheld from us for over a hundred years! And with the Prosperity Funding being released...We will Truly have FREEDOM, PEACE & PROSPERITY!!

We offer our Very Greatest Sincere Thank You to our New GUIDANCE TEAM for Insuring that ALL The Features of THE TRUE NESARA LAW are properly and Immediately instituted and All the Benefits are made available to all the Citizens of these united States of America! It is Done!! THANK YOU!!

................ALL GLORY TO GOD!..................
23 February 2008 @ 04:35 pm
………………. HIRING THE HEAVENS ………………….



FACT: The NESARA DECISION TEAM Has ALL The Help in the World!...And…Out of this World!...The White Knights, Ascended Masters, Angels, Eagles, White BrotherHood, White SisterHood, The Commander & Teams!....And…..The Galactic Federation is standing by at The Ready!...To Provide ANY & ALL The HELP that may be needed!

FACT: A little over 200 years ago We had a King George in England who had Become Destructive of Our God Given RIGHTS of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!...Soo…Our Patriotic Forefathers fought The War of Revolution to Abolish that King George Power and Institute a New Government! At that time barely 5% of the population took up the Challenge…Fought and Won That War!

FACT: Today We have another King George who is Worse that That One!.....Soo….NOW We Need to Remove This King George Power! We Urgently Need to Manifest The TRUE NESARA LAW….IMMEDIATELY!

FACT: With the Drafting of the Declaration of Independence Complete and Ready to be Signed into Force…The Members were considering that they were Pledging their Fortunes, Their Sacred Honor and even their very Lives….When suddenly a Stranger appeared in their midst to Complement them on the Job Well Done! …His Speech was Urging them to Finish by Signing this Historic Document!...A very Strong & Emphatic Urging!...sooo…They did Sign!...And the War was Won! …That Stranger was St. Germain!

FACT: We NOW Desperately Need Some More Help to get Our NESARA DECISION TEAM To Act in a POSITIVE & DECISIVE MANNER! So We Call on the HEAVENS to Again Bring us St. Germain to Appear at the NESARA DECISION TEAM!...And URGE & MOVE Them to IMMEDIATELY ENACT, ANNOUNCE & IMPLEMENT THE TRUE NESARA LAW!! We Ask that the Proven Abilities of Master St. Germain be brought in To Solve This Problem NOW!!

CONCLUSION: We Thank You for this BOOSTER FORCE!...And We Thank You for St. Germain! We Thank You for The Harmony as We Realize The Return of Our Constitution & Common Law…And…FREEDOM, PEACE & PROSPERITY!! It was Done before….We can Do IT Again! …ALL GLORY TO GOD!!
04 February 2008 @ 08:35 pm
A Fable of Global Transformation
Crafted by the Transformation Team

Once upon a time in a far away corner of the universe in the outer reaches of a medium-sized spiral galaxy, there was a beautiful blue-green planet whose inquisitive inhabitants named their world Earth. Many different peoples inhabited this planet teeming with abundant lifeforms. They had come to learn the many difficult, yet rewarding lessons of exploring in physical bodies what it is like to feel separate and disconnected from their own divine essence and from all around them.

The collective consciousness of all people on Earth greatly affected everything that happened on this revolving planet. Yet because of their explorations into separateness, the vast majority of these people – or humans as they called themselves – were unaware of how their collective will formed their world. In order to learn the deep wisdom of this Earth school or Univers-city, these humans had chosen to forget how in their deepest essence they were all interconnected and how every individual played an essential role in what happened on their planet and to their people as a whole.

Over the ages and through thousands upon thousands of revolutions of this jewel of a planet around its shining golden sun, the people of Earth explored, developed, and expanded their awareness through many rich, beautiful, and sometimes even painful experiences. Through the rich drama and challenging lessons of many ages and lifetimes, they several times grew close to the point of feeling again their deep interconnectedness with all beings. Yet each time they came close, that awareness then contracted and was eventually shut down by their collective fear of losing individuality and uniqueness.

After several cycles of this expansion and contraction, at one point in a new expansion phase, the collective mind grew so intelligent as to permit humankind for the first time to soar beyond the gravitational confines of Earth in shiny, metallic spaceships. The collective knowledge of the physical world in which they lived grew so deep that certain individuals began to see visions of a major transformation leading to physical paradise on Earth. At the same time, many others greatly feared that these new mental abilities and sophisticated technologies would be used by the militaries and greedy elite to destroy the very life and world in which they lived.

As their collective hopes and fears grew like never before, many humans dedicated to global transformation joined together in a deep prayer about their lives and world. So for the first time in the planet's history, a powerful collective call was sent out to the universe requesting help and guidance for the struggling planet and its people to move beyond separation, selfishness, and greed towards loving, empowering transformation and integration. For the first time, humanity as a whole opened to connection and help from the great universe beyond the physical confines of their world.

Their prayer was heard.

In the vast and varied collection of civilizations and species spread throughout the infinite universe, the call for help from this small, beautiful planet was heard. Unbeknownst to the people of Earth, there existed in the universe a special team made up of millions of caring souls from various planets, galaxies, and even dimensions. This loving team had dedicated themselves specifically to serve and support the inhabitants of developing planets who requested help in times of crisis and transition.

The vibrant souls of this intergalactic transformation team were committed to work together with the local transformation team of any planet that called for help in creating more nurturing, life-enhancing ways of living and growing. This loving team was activated by the collective call from Earth.

Feeling the call for help almost like a fireman on Earth responding to an alarm, the excited souls of the transformation team came together to focus their attention on this beautiful world in crisis. They opened their hearts and souls to the people there. They learned of the ways of humankind and became familiar with the challenges the people of Earth found themselves facing. While some agreed to observe and provide guidance from a distance, millions of these souls agreed to be born in human bodies and – like other humans – to forget where they came from, so that they might fully experience being human and more effectively provide help and guidance to humankind.

Being born into human bodies and human families without memory of their origin, almost all of these transformation team members felt the many pains and joys of growing up while often feeling separate and isolated from those around them. Some even chose to go through serious traumas with their human families in order to develop deeper compassion. Others simply felt alone and bewildered, unable to comprehend why those around them couldn't see that love interconnects us all. At times, all of them felt they didn't belong and sensed an inner calling to some greater purpose.

As these dedicated transformation team members grew spiritually and the crisis facing the planet intensified, magical things began to happen. Key writings, dreams, mystical experiences, and even inspiring fables began to awaken members of the transformation team to their deeper purpose.

For some the awakening was gradual, while for others a powerful, unexpected single event lifted the veil. Collectively, members of the transformation team began to remember why they came to Earth. They found themselves spontaneously connecting with other wise humans who were part of the transformation team and who further helped to awaken and inspire them. Their fears and feeling of separation gradually faded as they became increasingly excited to remember their deeper purpose, and to find themselves now playing an integral role in this empowering planetary transition.

Eventually, all members of the transformation team awoke. Upon awakening, a new, bright sparkle danced from their eyes. It was a sparkle of knowingness. Knowing that all of us are already interconnected in a divine cosmic dance. Knowing that the joy of love is always there inside when any soul truly opens to it. Knowing that the team's purpose is not to save anyone, but rather to simply be a loving invitation and inspiration to all around them. Knowing that uniqueness and individuality are welcome even in the interconnectedness of all beings. Knowing that when the people of a planet send out a collective call for help, the transformation team always answers. Knowing that the team never fails to give powerful, inspiring guidance to help make it through even the most daunting crisis.

Once upon a time, the transformation team came to Earth to remind humankind – and even to remind themselves – that we are not alone, that we are all equally important actors intimately interconnected in the divine unfolding of the universe. The team came to remind us that fear is but an invitation to growth, and that in the end, there is no end. There is only this sacred moment in which to open to all the richness that we are ready to receive. There is only the eternal here and now.

And so to bring this transformation fable to a close (or is it an opening?), the transformation team found and continues to find ever more joyful, meaningful ways to love, explore, play, and grow together with all people of Earth, as they live happily ever after in the ever present here and now.
19 August 2007 @ 04:05 am

Anonymous Entries Will No Longer Be Posted.


28 July 2007 @ 11:13 pm
The Infinity Codes of 2007 : Part Two
Reality Projection, Space, and the
Spirals of Consciousness

Archangel Michael and Celia Fenn: A Dialogue

"Infinity" by Janosh at www.the-arcturians.com

Since our discussion last month, Archangel Michael promised to deliver more information on the changing nature of Time and Space as we enter the new cycle of consciousness that will lead us to the 2012 point of our Reality Creation. At this point, the Earth will align with the Galactic center in such a way that it will re-set the Earth's "Cosmic Clock" to a new frequency and rhythm. Archangel Michael called this "no time", or the immediate and Infinite Present. We are already feeling the shifts and changes as we move from third dimensional consciousness to fifth dimensional or multi-dimensional consciousness. We are being trained in the skills of living in the present by writers such as Eckart Tolle with his book, "The Power of Now", and in the skills of manifestation by "The Secret". The Collective Consciousness is at training school for the big shift!

In this dialogue with Archangel Michael, we talk about some cutting edge concepts such as Reality Creation and Projection, the idea of Space as an experience of consciousness, and the way in which the flow of consciousness spirals to create time flows in which we can create and experience our stories.

So, here is our dialogue:
Celia: I would like to continue our discussion about the "Infinity Codes of 2007". Can you elaborate for me and our readers just what these Infinity Codes are?

Michael: The Infinity Codes are Holographic information "packets" in the form of light and sound. They are being introduced into your Earth hologram in this period of 2007. They carry information that will enable the Collective Consciousness to make a huge shift in its perception and creation of Reality, for in truth, perception and creation are the same process.

Celia: Can you explain that to us? How can perception, an act of perceiving which is receptive, be the same as the active process of creation?

Michael: Well, you will need to first consider the nature of human reality. Firstly, you consider that you use your eyes and ears to perceive an objective reality that is "out there"?

Now, we am going to say, actually, all reality lies within you in the realm of consciousness. It is this Inner Consciousness that creates the Outer Reality. So, whatever is experienced in the Outer World is a projection or creation of your inner reality or consciousness. It is not what you "think", but what you are! Your essence, your being, which is projected into creation at a given moment. I am sure you are familiar with this idea - that you create from your inner being or beliefs?

Celia: Yes, we have all been working with the ideas of creation and manifestation and the understanding of how our beliefs shape our reality field.

Michael: Indeed! Now we can go the next step and say that belief, or inner consciousness, actually determines reality through the physical act of perception/creation. Now you note that we link the two here.

Now, as you have noted, perception is the process whereby you come to understand your reality through experiencing it. Creation is the actual act of bringing that reality into manifest form so that it can be perceived and experienced.

Now, we will show you how these activities are one!

We are going to say that you are actually creating the reality that you see and perceive as you see and perceive it. You literally "project" that reality from within and experience it as external reality simultaneously with your creation of events. You have become so used to this process that you are not even aware of the energy and effort that goes into reality creation and perception.

You see, the human body is a "holographic projection instrument", and the Human skull is the primary holographic reality "projector". This is why Crystal skulls have become so important again in recent years. You are beginning to understand again the perfection of the design of the human skull, and how Spirit can project consciousness through this perfectly designed instrument in order to create reality.

So, can you see how the act of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching can be a simultaneous point of reality creation. You experience and see, as you create, and what you believe and feel determines what you create. Instantaneously.

You are used to the linear time and space constructs of the third dimension, where there is an apparent time lag between perceived manifestation and the experience of that manifestation as a "concrete reality". In the Infinite present of NOW, you perceive/create in the moment. And what you perceive is what you create. You are physically determining your creations as you perceive them.

This is a big leap in understanding for many of you. Many still believe themselves to be experiencing a pre-determined reality or matrix, over which they have no power. Not so, dear ones, if you believe that you will perceive/create it. If you do not limit yourself, then you are free to create another reality and not to be "trapped" in a reality that is, ironically, of your own creation.

For, indeed, you create your own reality anew every moment through the choices of perception/creation that you exercise. So, if you were to enlarge your perceptions and create from a sense of positive empowerment, you would indeed see and perceive a quite different reality. Your media serve the purpose of keeping you fixed in a consensus reality, or group creation, that you must accept as your own, because you are still experiencing yourselves as 3D perceivers of a pre-existing or pre-created reality. When you own your own power to create and perceive, you will not be bound by the "pre-created" images of reality that are served up to you by those who have taken the power to determine your experience of reality as a group.

Dearest ones, take back your power to create and perceive, and you will create another reality which better reflects your own inner consciousness of love and beauty. Let the light that pours from your soul through your eyes project and create a luminous reality of love and joy and gratitude, for that is what your "holographic projector" was designed to create in its partnership with Soul and Spirit.

Celia: Wow, that is quite a shift. Reality is as you create it and perceive it in that moment. That is why it is important to be totally "present" in the moment, for you are creating and perceiving, and a positive creation requires a complete focus on attention and intention. For, as we are told…where you focus is where your energy flows! And your energy creates….and perceives, as we are now learning.

Michael: Yes, exactly. A skilled creator knows how to be totally a part of his or her creations, experiencing and feeling and adjusting the creation process through the exercise of CHOICE. For, it is the power of Choice that determines the nature of the creation and perception. How you choose to feel, and what feelings and emotions you weave into your creations. If you choose to project love, compassion and gratitude, that is what will be seen in your radiant creations of light. But, if you create with and from fear beliefs, then that is what you will manifest in your projections or creations. For, reality is no more than a projection of your inner consciousness, as we have said before, and the human body is a means whereby the Soul and Spirit can experience consciousness as a "story" in material or manifest form. And, of course, the story can change depending on how inner consciousness changes.

In the Third Dimensional reality, your Inner Consciousness did often feel threatened and trapped by the slow processes of linear time and creation, and so the "story" of manipulation, control, darkness, fear and guilt became central, with a corresponding need to find a way to redeem these experiences. But now, with the removal of linear time and the collapsing of reality from a fixed and pre-determined "concrete" state to a fluid and flexible and ongoing creation, the inner being now has the freedom to create from its essence of love and joy in the immediate moment. And this is, of course, far more satisfying. Yet, most of you are afraid to make this change, and you cling to the old ways of being.

Celia: Why is that?

Michael: Well, change is always difficult, and many of you fear that you will lose your security and that you will not manage in this field of open creation and experience. But, it will not be chaotic and no one will lose out. There is a place for everyone here to express their love and creativity. In fact, when you accept and allow this shift, you will attract, by the laws of resonance, many people who will want to create with you and share in and support your projects. So, group participation and creativity, or working and creating together, is an important component of the new multi-dimensional creation and projection skills.

Celia: Ok. So let's talk about Space, and how our perceptions and creations of space will change.

Michael: Yes, indeed. We are glad that you understand that space, like time, is a reality construct of the third dimension, and that in the new multi-dimensional reality, you will understand space to be much more fluid and flexible. So, let us say, space as you have experienced it, is a construct or projection of inner consciousness. All space, like all time, is a unified field of immense possibility and potential that is experienced in its entirety by consciousness. But, you choose to project, or create and perceive, that which gives you a sense of security and reality in the third dimension. Localized space, in other words.

Celia: Do you mean that 3D space is an illusion?

Michael: Well, yes. A collective illusion that is held in place by all of you in that grandest of creations called a "planet". In your new reality you will come to understand that a planet is not a rock floating in space so much as a manifestation of a collective of powerful beings and souls who have chosen to co-create in order to experience reality in a certain way, together. In effect, you are the planet, it is an aspect of you in other dimensions. And, what you think and believe about the planet is a projection of your own inner feelings and beliefs about yourself. So, as you learn to honor yourselves once again, you will honor the planet as your own creation and your own being, for indeed it is.

Celia: So, we create the planet and the idea of space as a kind of home for our material projections of ourselves?

Michael: Yes, you could say so. But, remember, this is not an impersonal creation. It is manifested with great love and joy. It is a precious jewel in the fields of light, and you will come to see it that way and to appreciate with great gratitude the privilege of being a co-creator in this project. You will cease to see a violent and dangerous world of lack and scarcity, and start to create a luminous and radiant world of love, peace and beauty, that reflects the essence of Who you Are as Creators. You are the emissaries of the Source, you are the Family of Light, whose work is to create and evolve this planet of Light. And the Blue Star Earth is a very precious project of those who serve the Source as Creators of Form, also known as the Elohim.

Celia: So, can you explain more about our new perceptions of space and how this will affect our reality?

Michael: Well, since in truth all space is unified and experienced simultaneously by your Higher Aspects, you will have the opportunity to come to understand that you can also shift your experience of space and what is experienced as space.

As you make this shift, you will begin to perceive and understand the true nature of interstellar and interdimensional space travel, and that of course will open the way for you to experience such travel.

As you open yourselves to these new possibilities, you will begin to perceive/create those who are already making use of these methods of moving through the unified fields of consciousness.

There will be an increase in the experiences and sightings of UFOs, as you begin to widen your perceptions. But, we will say, that you will discover that UfOs are not what you imagine them to be in your limited third dimensional understanding.

Celia: What do you mean?

Michael: Well, there are many reasons and explanations for the "lights in the sky" phenomena that you see at this time. For example, at this time you see and perceive the sky to be empty and vacant. But, I can say that there are many life forms that inhabit the sky spaces, many elemental and angelic beings whom you can perceive as pulsating rainbow lights in the cosmic quiet of the night sky.

Celia: Are there "space ships" out there?

Michael: Well, yes, there are beings who travel inter-dimensional space, and they do indeed connect with and communicate with you in loving and creative ways. They are higher forms of intelligence whose work is to guide you and help you in your work of planetary creation and evolution. It is a privilege to work with such ones! Their communications are always filled with Light and Love, and are often presented in "code" form, as images or "holograms", music, sound etc…..

Celia: You mean like the Arcturian holograms that we experienced with Janosh in the Netherlands?

Michael: Yes, exactly so! These higher beings rarely materialize into physical reality as there is no need. They prefer to work on the Higher Dimensions to ensure the clarity of their messages and information. They are masters of inter-dimensional travel and know the best methods to interface their consciousness with yours, and this occurs on the Higher levels of consciousness, usually in dream or altered state experiences.

Celia: But what about the space ships that are seen in the skies?

Michael: Most of these are human or man made objects of some kind. Some are hoaxes and manipulations. Some of the "lights in the sky" that are seen in daylight are laser projections from satellites. You see, dearest one, the idea of an alien presence is being nurtured by certain people who have the intention of using this to further their control of earth reality. They intend to stage an alien landing of some kind that will lead to a "world government" under their control. The presence will be an illusion, created by holographic light shows and man made "alien" vehicles. It will probably not succeed, as your ascension and reality shifts will render such a deception impossible, even with the sophisticated control of the media that is now possible.

For know that as you enter into this new reality, you will see and perceive absolute truth. Deception will no longer be possible, as you take the power to create your own reality and you will allow no one to manipulate you or control you.

Celia: Can we talk a little about the spirals of consciousness. The Arcturian "Infinity" hologram is clearly a series of spirals. Why are spirals so important?

Michael: Well, what we would like to call the "natural" movement of consciousness in the Cosmos is a spiral. Think of the spiraling arms of the great galaxies, all the way down to the spirals of the DNA within your cells. Everything is constructed on geometric grids or fields based on circles and spirals.

And that is the natural rhythm or flow of consciousness. Now, each being has its own personal rhythm or flow. Part of the deep physiological and biochemical changes in the human body at this time are aimed at disconnecting your physical reality from a controlled linear perception to a more natural cycle that is "tuned" to the Cosmic pulse, and spirals in harmony with the Cosmic pulse, that which we call the "breath of God". All living intelligences pulse, and when one is aligned with the pulsations of Divine Creative Intelligence through the pulsations of the Galactic "heart" or the great central sun, your own natural rhythm or spirals synchronize with these larger spirals. This involves a shift in the "time clock" in your cells and in your brain, that has been "wired" to linear time and a progression of consciousness which is short and entirely out of synch with the Cosmic pulse.

Now, you are being "re-wired" to live in harmony with the Cosmic pulse and to live longer lives that spiral naturally and gracefully with the flows of Divine Creative Intelligence. So, your ascension symptoms are evidence of your body feeling the physical effects of being "re-wired" to a different rhythm of life, that is attuned to the Cosmic pulse but also very individual to you.

The Crystal children, and now the Blue Star children, are attuned to this pulse already. That is why so many of them are diagnosed as ADD. They move to their own rhythms and cannot be "controlled" into the rigid frame of school programs. Many adults are also releasing the rigid structures of "work" for more flexible ways of supporting themselves. For each person has an individual rhythm that may not lend itself to the 9 to 5 life. Finding your own rhythm is as important as finding your passion and creativity. These things all work together to ensure that you function at your optimum soul potential as a creator.

We will say too, that it is the presence of the Blue Star children who have entered the planet in the last 18 months that is accelerating this process. We have called it "activating your Galactic lightbody", as you reconnect with the Galactic pulse or heartbeat. As you make this connection, you naturally move into Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude, for these are the energies of the Cosmic pulse and the "signature" of the Christed or Crystal energy.

Celia: Can you tell me if the Cetaceans are also involved in this process?

Michael: Yes, indeed. The whales and the dolphins are already tuned into the Cosmic pulse. Anyone who spends time in their presence or who works with them, is going to have a powerful "entrainment" experience, where the power of the Galactic energy in the Cetaceans aura will re-set the rhythms in the human physiology, often creating "miracle cures" , as things that are in "dis-ease" and discomfort shift into more natural rhythms.

Celia: People ask me if we will move into complete chaos, with everyone doing their own thing? Will society collapse?

Michael: No, not at all. There is an underlying order and structure in the Cosmic pulse. We call is the "rhythm of the Nine", and it is in fact encoded into your linear calendar.

But, before we discuss the "Nine", let us say that you should always remember that Divine or Cosmic law is Abundance, Prosperity and Love. Any changes that align humanity more closely with Cosmic law as experienced through the Cosmic pulse, will naturally create more abundance, prosperity and love, and not the opposite. But, people who are accustomed to linear thinking and the illusions of security that go with it, are often afraid to allow a new rhythm that seems to have no apparent built-in security clauses. And, it is often true that in the transition from one state to another, there is a period of loss and emptiness, as the being is "re-wired" to the new frequency, and then moves into the natural state of abundance and love. So, it requires courage, trust, and acceptance, to make the shift.

Now, the principle of the Nine. Here we work with the idea of "As above, so below". The Ancients, in Atlantis and Egypt, worked with the Nine Creative Principles or God Forces, sometimes called the "Council of Nine". And so, the creative rhythm of the Nine was set into the Galaxy as a potential creative spiral. Your system of numbers works on the principle of Nine, and as you count a month, for example, you are experiencing three cycles of nine, roughly. Each cycle gives you an opportunity to spiral or move to a higher level of experience and understanding. Of course, there are other number cycles in the Galaxy, based on Three, Twelve and Thirteen, to mention some. These cycles are also part of your experience of consciousness.

But, we would say that the spirals of conscious evolution, right now, are also working on nine year spirals. The cycle that began in 1998 (9), ends in 2007 (9). A new cycle begins in 2008 (1), and ends in 2016 (9). Within this cycle is your key year, 2012. So, you can see that are spirals and cycles within spirals and cycles in Cosmic time keeping. Right now, you are also experiencing the culmination of a grand 26 000 year cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes. Also, the shifts of the Mayan and Egyptian calendars. Everything flows along these cycles according to Divine Will. As humans align with these cycles in a conscious way, they will feel more at ease and harmony within.

Celia: How can we do this?

Michael: Well, one way is to create conscious ceremonies and rituals to honor these cycles in your own way. For example, at the Equinoxes and Solstices, you can honor the cycles of the Earth's spiral journey through Infinity.

Celia: We have been guided to create labyrinths at the Solstice this year. Can you explain that?

Michael: Indeed, a labyrinth is an Earth circle that expresses the spiral movements of the Galaxy. It is a glyph or symbol that awakens spiral consciousness in the human cells and brain.

Walking a labyrinth has the powerful effect of integrating a person into the spirals of the Galaxy and its pulses, by breaking linear progression and replacing it momentarily with spirals. This attunes the being with the Cosmic flow and Galactic pulsations, and in many cases, healing and balancing occur as the person is re-balanced. The labyrinth also assists the planet, by affirming humanity's connection to the planet through the spiral flows of consciousness. So, we would say, that you inner guidance is asking you to do a ceremony to affirm your commitment to the unfolding spirals of Higher consciousness at this time.

As we noted also, in the spirals of nine, the 21st of June 2007, resonates to 3,6, and 9, the Triple Goddess. The labyrinth is also a symbol of the Cosmic "womb" of the Great Goddess or Feminine principle of God. It is a place of re-birthing and knowledge. So, celebrating with this energy will also intensify your connection to the processes of re-birth to Higher Consciousness and your connection with the Divine Feminine energy and wisdom.

And so, we think we have given you enough material for this time and we thank you for your presence.

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23 May 2007 @ 01:10 pm
Project NESARA
Written by Bill in Illinois 
of The WWLWF Calls
[Bill was inspired by Jean Slatter’s “Hiring The Heavens”. 
Praise, Respect, Thanks and Love also go out to Carol Davis, WWLWF Facilitator & Moderator.]
We Urgently Request The SPIRITUAL TEMP AGENCY To Provide A PROJECT MANAGER To Be Our COMMANDER IN CHIEF of Our Project NESARA . . . And IMMEDIATELY ENACT, ANNOUNCE & IPLEMENT ALL The Provisions of The TRUE NESARA LAW! . . .  This is For The HIGHEST & GREATEST GOOD For All Concerned! To Insure That This is Accomplished in the Most Efficient & Speed Manner Possible. . . We Will Need The Following Named TEAMS:
MILITARY: Strictly Obeying Constitutional Law. . . We Require The IMMEDIATE And TEMPORARY Control To See That The TRUE NESARA LAW is in Full Force & Effect . . . The President To Resign, The Vice President To Resign, ALL The Cabinet, ALL The Members of Congress & ALL Federal Employees Are Relieved of Their Command IMMEDIATELY! . . . Nice Way of Saying THEY ARE FIRED! The NEW President Designate To IMMEDIATELY Declare PEACE! . . . And Bring ALL Our Military Personnel Home IMMEDIATELY . . . And They Will Then Assume Their Constitutional Duties & Obligations! . . . The ONLY Two Physical Functions of The Federal Government Are: 1)   Protect Our Borders From Invasion . . . . . 2)   Establish Post Offices & Post Roads. Period!
LEGAL:   IMMEDIATELY RE-Establish The Constitution For These united States of America As The Supreme Law of Our Land! . . . And Common Law! . . . ANY & ALL Laws & Regulations That Are Repugnant To Our Constitution Are Automatically NULL & VOID! . . . Soo. . . ALL Laws & Regulations of The Past 100 Years are NOW IMMEDIATELY Revoked & Expunged!
COMMNUNICATIONS:  The GAG Order by The supreme Court is Now Lifted. . . . .  Soo. . . We Require The MEDIA To NOW IMMEDIATELY Transmit ALL The TRUTH in The NEWS To The Citizens of These united States of America!
ELECTION:   New Elections To Be Held in 180 Days To Select ALL NEW And HONEST Citizens To Represent The People in Washington, D.C. . . . ALL The Political parties To Immediately Be Abolished! . . . ONLY Independents Are Hence Forth To Be Allowed in Public Office! . . . NO Attorneys Allowed! . . . ONLY Honest, Moral, Ethical And Worthwhile Citizens Allowed NOW!
FINANCIAL:   The Treasury of These united States of America To NOW Be In Full & Complete Control of Our Money System! . . . And Will NOW Issue THE ALL NEW CURRENCY Fully Backed by Precious Metals! . . . The Federal Reserve System Is Immediately Abolished! . . . The IRS Is Immediately Abolished! . . . And ALL Other UNConstitutional Departments & Bureaus are Immediately Abolished!!
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LEGAL . . . First Consider These Facts: The Board of Supervisors in Every County in These united States of America Make The Laws & Regulations For Their County . . .And The Sheriff is The Chief Law Enforcement Officer For This County . . .Soo . . . Strictly Obeying Constitutional Law & Common Law . . . . We Hereby Call upon The Board of Supervisors To IMMEDIATELY Enact The Constitution For These united States of America as Their County Ordinance!
ACTION . . . The Board of Supervisors Will IMMEDIATELY Issue Orders To The Sheriff To IMMEDIATELY STOP ALL Land Acquisitions, Construction, And ANY & ALL Activity in Connection With This NAFTA SuperHighway! . . . ANY AND ALL Personnel Involved With This Project in This County to IMMEDIATELY Be Evicted . . . Or Placed Under Arrest & Jailed!
COMMUNICAITONS . . . This Information & Call To Duty To IMMEDIATELY Be Transmitted To ALL The County Boards of Supervisors in These united States of America . . . And Strongly Urge Prompt Similar Action on Their Part! . . . . . . . Probably Starting In The State of Texas . . . . Then Proceeding throughout The Entire Area Affected by This NAFTA Monster!
SUPPORT . . . The Governor of Each & Every State Will Be Alerted To The Great National Emergency Involved Here . . . And Be READY To Provide Support To The Counties of The State by The National Guard . . . And Other as Required!
PROMOTION & ADVERTISING . . . Provide Information & Promotion Material To The Newspapers, Radio & TV Stations, etc . . . About The Need To IMMEDIATELY STOP This UNConstitutional LAND GRAB . . . Sovereignty Robbing & Financial Disaster About To Be Imposed on These united States of America! . . . . . . . . We Need To Distribute Flyers, Bumper Stickers And Other Ideas In The Effort To Alert The People To This CRIME! . . . Before It Is TOO LATE !!
~Bill In Illinois